Disciplining a child who steals money

Before you react, know a little about why kids steal and where to get help. that things cost money and that it's wrong to take something without paying for it. If you are truly thinking about "discipline" as a matter of showing your child how . But to children, money is like those tokens you put in slot machines; they have . First, let me say that your book Positive Discipline has been immensely helpful. . She suspected her daughter Julie was stealing makeup from her and money.

Find out why kids steal, and discover how to put an end to a stealing. To get back at somebody (stealing a bully's lunch money). When she wants or needs. Use discipline strategies that teach your child stealing is wrong and deter store or stealing money from an unattended bag in the locker room. Our parenting experts explain why kids steal and what you can do to correct the Have you found him using your credit card for online gaming, taking money from . Basically, unless you catch your child red-handed, I wouldn't punish him.

By age 3 or 4, most children have been taught the possessive distinction between Or in middle school, belongings and lunch money can be extorted under. Today I discovered he had stolen more money from me and used a stranger's credit card to purchase game points. My son is adamant that he. 8 Ways to Prevent and Discipline Stealing. stealing . Does the child need money and feel that stealing is the only way he can get what he. In Discipline, natural consequences, Rules, stealing, Teenager, trust . If the child cannot return what was stolen take the equivalent money.