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Buy 1 Case of Enviro-Safe Ra AC Refrigerant and Dye 12 Cans: Refrigerants - ✓ FREE DELIVERY Item model number, ESa w/Dye. ZeroR Z Refrigerant - Ra Replacement - 6 Cans - Made in USA - Natural Non Ozone. ZeroR Z Refrigerant - Ra Replacement - 12 Cans (1 Case) - Made in USA - Natural Non. Enviro-Safe refrigerant replacement can be used in all Ra Systems. 12a Refrigerant "18 oz Equivalent" 1 can R12 replacement R12a. $ Buy It Now. R12a will extend the life of a system because of the lower head pressures.

to 18 oz./Freon or 16 oz./a. It is even colder than the regular ESa! 1 case ESa/a Replacement $ (free shipping) Order here. 2 cases of. HCa, also called ESa, OZa, and Hydrocarbon Blend B, is a "drop-in" replacement It is not illegal to purchase HCa, or to use it in refrigeration systems that were not originally charged with R, except for in certain states that. fee not included. Industrial Ra Replacement 50lb Cylinder # - Click to Purchase Quantity: ES R Refrigerant Can #a - Click to Purchase.

The company will notify by mail all known past customers that purchased products labeled “ES 12a,” “ES 22a” and “ES a” of potential safety. Rights Agreements, ¶ Stock Purchase Agreements Sale of Securities to, Merger Agreement, ¶ 12A Stock Purchase Agreement, ¶ 12A The ES Series is a compact, capsule electrical slip ring featuring high-quality Buy Now. ES12A (Replacement for AC), 12, (12x) 2A, V, " [