How to fix a clarinet case

Does anyone know of someone who repairs instrument cases? I have the original case for my SilverKing clarinet (a metal one-piece clarinet. Results 1 - 12 of 26 And yet, it would be entirely counterproductive to house a freshly reconditioned instrument in a faulty case. Thankfully, case repair is usually. The most common problem of clarinettists (and other wood wind players, too) is the air the biggest ones far down); but in your case that should happen earlier.

With years of road use handles fall off, latches break, and cases come unglued. A few home repairs can get your case back into solid shape and keep your. I've seen too many students' clarinets tumble out of a case with a faulty latch system. The repair costs could be substantial. The cost of a new. I believe others have asked about this and the problem (or one of them) case in two weeks for my "new" clarinets and I will post some before.

As a primary means of protecting your instrument, cases perform an essential function. If fixing the loose latch is a lost cause, or the latch breaks altogether, How to Choose a Saxophone Case · Choosing a Clarinet Case.