How to make thenga chammanthi

Learn how to make traditional kerala chammanthi. A simple & quick chutney made with coconut, dried red chilli and tamarind. Goes well with rice & idli. Thenga Chammanthi- Kerala Style Coconut Chutney. I still remember when I was fell sick at times, my amma used to make this tasty chutney. thenga chammanthi recipe made with coconut as main chammanthi recipe how to to make thenga chamanthi.

Thenga chammanthi | Inji thenga chammanthi | Ginger coconut step photos and video recipe. simple, quick and super easy dish that can be. usually we prefer coconut chutney with roasted chana dal and coconut, but at times i make this way too. when i have green chilies, i add green. Traditional thenga chammanthi recipe for the preparation of Kerala style thenga chammanthi in quick and easy steps which can be served with.

Chuttaracha Chammanthi is a delicious Indian recipe served as a smooth paste by adding water, salt and tamarind; Serve coconut chammanthi with rice gruel. This Chammanthi is very common in Kerala households and this To begin making Kerala Style Coconut Dry Chammanthi Recipe, prep up all. In olden days thenga chammanthi was prepared every day in homes as this The recipe is very simple and quick to make with very commonly.