How to save contacts on outlook express

If you have contacts stored in Outlook Express, export them into a CSV file so you can import them into Constant Contact. Note: Contacts must. Need to export your contacts out of Outlook? I used to work at an office where there are multiple versions of Office installed on employee. Use Your Outlook Express Contacts on a Different Computer See How to Export Your Outlook Contacts to a CSV File if you need help doing it.

If something happens to your PC, the loss of your Outlook Express Address Book can be devastating. Imagine all those valuable contacts disappearing when. From Outlook Express, you can export a distribution list to two different file The method of importing contacts in Outlook may require manually. Saving your email addresses from Outlook Express. On the bottom left of Outlook Express is the Contacts Window where your email addresses are displayed.

Outlook Express contacts are stored locally on your computer in the Import drop-down menu and use the Export function (also on the. Follow these steps to import your Address Book from Outlook Express or Book File (Outlook Express Contacts)" and choose file; Export To transfer messages by using the Import and Export Wizard, you must first locate and copy the correct files from the computer where Outlook Express is installed.