How to say there were in french

1 déc. Hi everyone, I know the French translation of there is/are is 'Il y a' but I'm unsure of how to say this in the past tense. I conjugated it as 'Il y. what's the word for there was I already know il y a but I don't know how to say there are and there were "eu" is pronounced like the French sound for "u". French grammar lesson about the use of the verbs avoir and etre. Nous étions; You were = Vous étiez; They were = Ils étaient; They were = Elles étaient.

This is the section that's going to tell us which particular form of the word aller we need. To make a sentence meaning I'm going, he's going etc that talk about a. A French translation of would of this future-in-the-past is generally also to use the conditional tense: il a dit qu'il pourrait m'aider he said he would be able to help. Learn what is needed to form the French past tense! There is even a recipe for you that will make remembering how to form the past tense in French a piece of . The correct way to say “I've finished” in French is “J'ai fini”.

as French to use the masculine form as neutral. You could also use 'Elles étaient' if your group is predominantly female (grammar books say a group has to . Here are some French examples and their English equivalents to help get a better idea: . I bet you were just thinking you had all the ins and outs of gender . I did say there was a catch: if the reflexive verb is followed by a body part. Yup, you. Here they are, explained in their barest forms, so you can get a handle on over 20 tenses (including composite tenses and moods), and most of them were still Now, I'll tell you right away that I'm not going to overwhelm you with a bunch of.