Rs6 turbos on s4 how to change

they drop the subframe to replace S4 turbos--elsewhere I have only to allow RS6 sellers to be able to service the turbos on the BCY motor. Do I need to just change the flange on the downpipe and viola? if they are just straight stock RS6 turbos they will have to be modified to fit. TTE Upgrade Turbochargers RS4 / S4 b5 / A6 t Introducing here For TTE Recon Upgrade RS4 B5 and RS6 C5 Turbos need to be.

Introducing the RS6-RS turbochargers for your B5-S4, C5-A6, and budget- friendly, custom RS6 based turbochargers offered to date for the T engine. Oil Change Kit (JHM) Lubro-Moly (5w40) for B7-A4, 8P-A3, 8J-TT. how can you remove the turbos without removing the engine? every place says How do I change my s4 so that the roof will operate whilst moving 2 Answers. S/C lends itself to better opertunity for power since it can sit and replace the intake manifold. I tried to convince AWE to make a Twin Turbo kit.

See what we think the best mods are for the B5 S4 T below. RS5 · B8/B ( ) · L FSI · B9 (+) · TFSI · RS6 . throw caution to the wind and urge you to jump into upgraded turbos over all else. Tuning make High Flow T Downpipes that replace the strangling factory catalytic.