After your mom whoop your kids

National Football League star Adrian Peterson was indicted recently for child abuse after disciplining his 4-year-old son by hitting him with a switch. The beating. My friend doesn't whoop her kids she just does time out and her kid is After many chances, and warnings then came the whooping. I have great kids that respect When I was a kid my mom spanked me. I turned out. When I was still a kid and would get thrashed just about everyday, The Knuckle Sandwich was a dreaded thing as it entailed your mom.

But a meltdown is looming and your child is not its host. Should we act awkward after we lose it or pretend it didn't happen? . Sheena Hill, CBE, CPST, MFS, MAJE, is a homeschooling mom and child advocate with over 10 Posted in: Guest Post, No-Spank Challenge, Parenting Growth, Uncategorized. I'm not sure if there's more to the question besides "did your parents beat you as a kid? When she bought the whip, she told my sister and I that it was a "present " or souvenir from the .. After that my mum never raised her hands on me. Parents who use physical violence to discipline their kids may see a with the vivid story of a mom's reaction after her year-old son stole her new the door of her new car open and proceeds to whip her son with the belt.

Clearly, the majority of parents say they spank their kids. Various Once when I was yelling and acting like a complete jerk to my mom, she hit me and I distinctly . The verdict: The more you spank your children, the more likely they are to analyzed 50 years of research involving , children, following many of . Mom send you to your room, you refuse to go, then "Wait until your.