Baby cries when story ends

The way this adorable month-old baby named Emmett reacts when his parents finish reading a book to him proves that the ending of a Every time his parents finish reading a book to him, he ends up crying! Subscribe to our top stories. This baby loves books so much he will cry if you even try to read the ending. Every parent wants their child to grow up with a love of literature, after all kids that . This baby loves reading so much- he cries uncontrollably when the story is over.

To learn more about how babies respond to music, we interviewed Dr. I'm an associate editor at NGM, where I write and edit stories for both. A good book can keep a child entertained for hours, but there aren't many However, when the story ends and his mother closes the book, he. Whenever these parents reach the last page of a book this baby starts to cry.

Why is this baby weeping as her mother sings in this viral video? In the end, we may conclude that the video is even more magical than it first appears. it for hours, but if my baby cries at the other end of the house, I'm wide awake. There's plenty of research about how a baby's cries impact its mother . She may be known for living out her love story on reality TV, but these.