How to use mortein odourless mozzie zapper

Can I use Mortein Odourless Mozzie Zapper with mats around my children? Yes. However, it's important to remember it's an electrical appliance, so young. Mortein Peaceful Nights is odourless and provides up to 30 nights protection against mosquitoes and Mortein Peaceful Nights Mozzie Zapper offers protection against both flies and mosquitoes. Are Mortein plug-ins ok to use everyday?. In just 10 minutes you can repel mosquitos with Mortein's mozzie zapper. Keep your Mortein Odourless Mat Refills are available to buy in a pack of 15, with each mat offering 10 hours of protection. Are Mortein plug-ins ok to use everyday?.

Mortein Mozzie Zapper Mat Refills use high quality ingredients to ensure odourless, low irritant protection from mosquitoes for you and your family, all night long. Mortein Mozzie Zapper (plug in) in childs room - posted in What Do You use the Mortein Mozzie Zapper or something similar in your home?. out of 5 stars for Mortein Odourless Mozzie Zapper in Pest Control. All easy to use and we have two that are in regular use inside and outside our home.

The old mozzie zapper was a wonderful product that was % effective. Don't know. May 31, Can I use Mortein Odourless Mozzie. Mortein Peaceful Nights Mosquito & Fly Automatic Plug In - Odourless protection. - Up to 30 nights (based on 12 hours use per night) long lasting mosquito & fly. Mortein Low Irritant Odourless Mozzie Zapper Insecticide Mats Concentrate. 1. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.