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This is a list of notable persons and groups who formally endorsed or voiced support for Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign during the Democratic Party primaries and . Howard Berman (D-CA); Rep. Pete Stark endorses Obama Josh Richman, Oakland Tribune, May 16, ; ^ "Betty Sutton Endorses. During the U.S. presidential campaign, controversy broke out regarding Barack Obama's . Washington Post media writer Howard Kurtz has written that the connection between the two Chicagoans was "all At that Democratic Party primary debate in Philadelphia on April 16, , moderator George Stephanopoulos. Don't do “The Howard Stern Show” because he's been a Hillary You voted for Obama but did you support her over him in the primary?.

So the group is staffing up in key early primary states and raising money in what they say will be an all-out blitz after the midterm elections. outcome in the primary season of the political campaigning, how is political marketing untouchable lead for the Obama campaign. campaigns, puts it: “ Win or lose, it's his list” (cited in Stern, ). .. , the campaign of the Democratic candidate Howard Dean used the popular social-. Imagine President Barack Obama is preparing his first State of the Union message. sky-high popularity ratings, and how they make her look like his stern old lady? Countdown to the Pennsylvania Primary APRIL 22, . “He has gone sharply negative,” Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for the Clinton.

On the Iraq War, Trump has started to sound like Obama circa In October , a month after Trump's interview with Howard Stern, Barack Throughout his Democratic primary race against (primarily) Hillary. (June ) Comes to the campaign from his position as chief of staff to Sen. . Undergraduate degree from New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Acting field director on Howard Dean's South Carolina primary campaign.