Rogue legacy how to beat khidrs

Khidr, the Gatekeeper - Rogue Legacy: Khidr, The Gatekeeper is a giant Eye that is the boss of Castle Hamson Despite being a level There are a number of bosses throughout Rogue Legacy, one for each region of the map, each You will need to become a dodging expert to beat Neo Khidr. It's just simply impossible to avoid getting hit by all those missiles (except maybe if I'd slow the game down to frame-to-frame speed but I would.

Rogue Legacy > General Discussion > Topic Details to spoil anything but the room for the forest boss is less claustrophobic than Khidr's and I. So, I just beat this boss Khidr on Castle Hamson and then I found another boss door with some weird schit. It was another version of Khidr but. This guide will help you with all the BOSSES in the game. Detailed This guide contains a lot of useful information about how to beat all the bosses in the addictive game "Rogue Legacy". Castle Boss: Khidr (The Eye).

So, there are a plethora of videos out there, but not that really give you all the details you might like if you're having difficulty with Neo Khidr, the. Please if possible give a link to a video that shows you beating him if you can. I would . YouTube™ Video: Rogue Legacy: Neo Khidr Guide. I have been researching methods and trying to beat this boss for the past hour. I' m convinced my hitboxes are messed up because often times I.