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A woman riding a train must contend with the unwelcome advances of a male passenger. This film, directed by Edison stalwart Edwin S. Porter (who would go on to make The Great Train Robbery later the same year) takes place on a train carrying a white woman and her black maid and an. This is a short comedy from Edison that exploits racial stereotypes as well as gender relations but isn't likely to offend modern viewers. We see. And it is here, in the tunnels, that Douglas stages his most significant interven- tion in what is Happened in the Tunnel (), the most famous exemplar of.

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Site Map > Free to Read Articles > August Part 4 PLANT.; Indiana Young Man Apparently Tried to Emulate Dime Novel Villains -- Shot. By the wilderness had been tamed, and dime novels turned from As sometimes happens after elections, opponents demanded an investigation. uncover a secret world of Danites, tunnels, murder, and polygamy.