What is the lycaonian language

Lycaonia was a large region in the interior of Asia Minor, north of the Taurus Mountains. The mention of the Lycaonian language in the Acts of the Apostles ( ) shows that the native language was spoken by the common people at Lystra. Of the language of Lycaonia. (see LYSTRA) nothing survives except some personal and place names, which are discussed in Kretschmar's Einleitung in die . Whether the language was some Syrian dialect or a corrupt form of Greek has been much debated. The fact that the Lycaonians were similar with the Greek.

The name Lycaonia belongs to a region in central Anatolia (modern Turkey) exclaiming in the Lycaonian (Λυκαονιστι) language that the gods. LYCAONIA. (Lyc·a·oʹni·a). A region in Asia Minor where the Lycaonian language was spoken. (Ac ) The boundaries of Lycaonia fluctuated considerably. The "speech of Lycaonia" (Acts ) was probably the ancient Assyrian language, or perhaps, as others think, a corrupt Greek intermingled with Syriac words.

Lycaonia definition, an ancient country in S Asia Minor: later a Roman province. See more. aeg-dv.com | LYCAONIA (lĭk'ā-ō'nĭ-a, Gr. Lykaonia). the inhabitants still speaking a vernacular language in the first century a.d. In Acts it is implied. Real fluency takes years and ample opportunity to use a new language in an intensive way – usually by living in-country for at least several months. However.