91 jetta diesel wont start when hot

Golf GTD warm start problems - page 1 - Troubleshooting Ive searched the archives but had no luck so i'm hoping someone .. DMF Diesel Enr. - - Spécialisation VW IDI/TDI ainsi que pompe à injection. I have a 91 jetta eco diesel, I'm having trouble starting the car. start back up after it's warm but if you let it sit for 45 min to 1 hour it won't start. I was thinking maybe crank position sensor is going bad, im not throwing any But if i go to the store or something like that, and get back into it it wont start, it cranks, and wants to start but it just wont. .. Posts: 3,; Vehicles: GLI 16V Jetta GLI ballbearing .. Diesel Parts · Diesel Cars.

Unable to Start My Jetta Very Cold Weather VW MKVI-A6 Jetta Sedan (~ +) TDI (gone, but, not forgotten). beartooth91 is offline You'll either need to get it into a heated garage or wait until temps warm up. Pouring . No winterized diesel in Montana you silly boy, it's the banana belt! I filled up at. I found that the car will start when hot\normal temp only if i use quick start Fuel pump? Current rides: 02' Jetta 4 Tdi, 99' Isuzu KB Dle(Faithfull aka 91 Caddy, ADY motor on mp9, wildcat branch and 50mm. I'll start from the beginning:beerchug: Im 99% sure 4 months ago the car use to start once the car is warm and turned off it will not restart.

I have a Passat TDi, and it start relatively fine normally (I say relatively SteBrown91 IIRC when hot, the ECU doesn't fire the injectors until above ~ rpm, which the lazy starter motor isn't getting the engine up to. well it helps if ya say its a gas od diesel engine to start. if its diesel My sons Golf was hard to start when it was hot. It doesn't stall out either. The car will cranck over sometime(warm weather)but it either will not start or it will start but it will stall and turn off. VW Jetta on November 08,