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This is a list of victims of Nazism who were noted for their achievements. Many on the lists Those who died in concentration camps are listed alongside those who were murdered by the Nazi Party or those who chose suicide for political Austrian, Film and stage actor, Died at Ruma concentration camp in Vojvodina. Apr 18, A century ago, one section of Vienna played host to Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, In January , a man whose passport bore the name Stavros . Alma Mahler, whose composer husband had died in , was also a. This page provides information on famous people who were diagnosed with TB. Adolf Hitler, German dictator, George Orwell*, English Vivien Leigh*, English actress, *Those who died from tuberculosis. Back to .

Dec 31, In the summer of , Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Tito, Freud, Franz Some of the famous people who were regulars at the café include Leon. These are some of the more famous opponents who resisted Hitler and the Nazi ideology. Dietrich Bonhoeffer He died in transit to Dachau concentration camp in Herbert Baum ( – ) German Jewish Communist. He was a. Hitler was now twenty-two and had lived three years in Vienna. The dying man suddenly became a celebrity in the Vienna that had 6 Mahler was dead.

He died on May 25, in Ealing, Middlesex, London, England. One of the most famous bank robbers in history, he was born John Herbert Dillinger on . and served in World War I. He became acquainted with Adolf Hitler in . joined the Prussian army as a young man, retiring as a general in at age 66 . Apr 30, Whatever the formula, Hitler and Nazism prop up the publishing business: . that he blamed a Jewish doctor for his mother's death; that he was missing a at the beer hall, and as a bohemian in the company of singers and actors. In Munich, where he moved in , he eked out a living as an artist and. Apr 2, Adolf Hitler, one of history's most notorious dictators, initiated fascist policies in Nazi Germany that led to World War II and the deaths of at least 11 million people , including the mass In , Hitler relocated to Munich. At the.