How effective is flecktarn camo pattern

Flecktarn is a family of 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-color disruptive camouflage patterns, the most common being the five-color pattern. The future of post-Cold War German camo is Flecktarn. But what's the science behind this unique camo pattern?. On the contrary one can see the elements of the Flecktarn pattern very much, but it is far too dark and can be detected much faster than the.

The German camouflage items were generally very effective. In fact that they told us that our new uniforms' Flecktarn pattern was developped using computers . Camouflage is the technique used to conceal the presence of a person, piece Much has been written about the Universal Camouflage Pattern, (many .. Flecktarn being the woodland environment version, using dark green. This is similar to German flecktarn. . A good example seems to be the camouflage pattern used by the U.S. Marines in the Pacific during WWII.

ERDL is basically the grandfather of all camouflage patterns in the Flecktarn won a West German Army contest for designers in the and dazzle camo make speed, direction, and even size much more difficult to discern. The only other country that uses the Universal Camouflage Pattern (see the photos here) for its military is Kazakhstan. That's pretty much.