How to do multi-magic squares

Calculate the magic constant. You can find this number by using a simple math formula, where n = the number of rows or columns in your magic square. So, for. Can a 3x3 magic square be constructed with nine distinct square numbers? the very last months on the problem - and more generally on multimagic squares. Several years before this problem 2, Randall already worked on Gardner's . Can somebody construct a 3x3 magic square having 8 or 9 distinct squared.

Multimagic squares are regular magic squares i.e. they have the property that all .. of the center vertical line sum to (as do the numbers in Walter's square). is also magic. A 2-multimagic square is called bimagic, a 3-multimagic square is called trimagic, a 4-multimagic square is called tetramagic, a 5-multimagic. In mathematics, a P-multimagic square is a magic square that remains magic even if all its If the squares are normal, the constant for the power-squares can be determined as follows: Bimagic series totals for bimagic squares are also linked.

This number is called the magic product of the square. Now take the "pairwise products'' in each row and add them all up. Do the same with the columns. A normal P-multimagic square is a normal magic square that is also magic Boyer points out on his Highly multimagic squares page that this square can be.