How to use diana flash

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Lomography Diana Flash Below that is a small table giving instructions on how to use it (“Activate for a. The packet of color gels that comes with your Diana Flash can be incredibly useful. Simply choose a color or colors of your choice and slide. Flash is primarily used for freezing action shots, so if i'm wanting an non blurred image i'll use it even if it's bright. However the Diana+ isn't a.

Fern Green Limited Special Edition. with this tiny 35mm version of our dreamy Diana F. and use the attached Diana Flash for amazing photos at n. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lomography Diana F+ our dog (daylight - no flash) I'm currently using B&W film - The Diana F+ is my. Lomography Diana Mini with Flash: Point And Shoot Film it looks nice and the photos that are captured using this camera looks really cool and.

The Diana-F and was introduced after the Original Diana as the model that could take a flash. The Flash would take one time use AG-1 bulbs. "DON'T THINK" has 11 characters corresponding to eleven 6cm x 6cm shots expected from film.