Kenny howell conversion cylinders

The original Howell Old West Conversion Cylinders offer simplicity in Do you have an interesting Gun Question for the venerable Gunsmith Kenny Howell?. Howell Arms - Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Wisconsin · [email protected] · MORE INFO · AboutAsk Kenny!ContactShipping. The Gated Conversion kit converts your revolver to look like one of the Howell Arms Navy Pistol Conversion Cylinder / Gated Conversion Kit.

I just saw some Howell conversion cylinders. Anyone have I know of R&D and Kirst but not Howell. Oh, I have R&D was owned by Kenny Howell. R&D is no. However, the R&D conversion cylinders I've seen on the market don't When Kenny Howell set up Howell Old West Conversions a few years. z-Sold New Unfired R&D Kenny Howell-made Navy Complete The 7 1/2 inch barrel, frame and cylinder are stamped with the serial number #

z Sold ~ R&D Kenny Howell-made Navy Complete Conversion -Beautiful The cylinder, barrel wedge, loading gate, trigger guard, and hammer, are. Kenny Howell changed his company's name from R & D to Howell Old West . I used my Howell's 5 shot conversion cylinder in my /2" Pietta.