What is dry docking urban dictionary

Flushing the toilet and then turning off the water supply resulting in a dry toilet. Then you take a shit so it sticks directly to the bowl and will not come clean easily, . This is "dry docking". The bathroom now smells like an outhouse since the turd is fully exposed to the air. For added effect, bring a jar with a few flies, release. The technique of crapping in a toilet bowl but sitting backwards on it so it lands on the dry part of the bowl for the next person to enjoy. If it sits long enough it will .

Taking a shit in a sink, bathtub, or toilet that has no water in it. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of dry dock is. The slang word My turd was so long that I dry docked it ". Last edited on Mar 24 Define dry-docking. dry-docking synonyms, dry-docking pronunciation, dry- docking translation, English dictionary definition of dry-docking. n. A large dock in the.

Or else the poor boy is the one who is confused and he means dry humping/ rooting which is the motion of According to the urban dictionary. The Urban Dictionary, aeg-dv.com?term=docking. He says that he conceived of Galactic Docking Company as a “dry, formal experi-.