What is syntactic complexity

Syntactic complexity can be measured in terms of the number of immediate constituents of a syntactic construction. This property has been. Several measures of syntactic complexity in mathematical linguistics allow infinitely many sentences to share a complexity value. Thus there is doubt about the. We compare syntactic complexity in English writing by one NS and seven NNS groups. •. Treated as one group, NNS students differ from NS students in only a.

This article examines the relationship between syntactic complexity (especially as measured by T-unit and clause length) and quality of written composition. In the recent functional linguistic literature, the notion of syntactic complexity and similar Yet, when trying to operationalize syntactic complexity as an indepen-. gated syntactic complexity effects in relative clauses (Experiment 1) and Keywords: Syntactic complexity; Sentence production; Sentence processing; Working.

Syntactic complexity and working memory. In the literature it is still hotly debated whether the role of Broca's area in processing syntactically complex sentences. Processing syntactic complexity. English is a language with a relative fixed word order. Free word order languages such as German and Japanese, different. In this essay, we argue that the grammar of a text—especially, the syntactic complexity of sentences in a text—should be included as an explicit and distinct. The volume examines syntactic complexity from an acquisitional perspective, which offers a peculiarly grounded starting point when dealing with linguistic.