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The retroperitoneal space (retroperitoneum) is the anatomical space (sometimes a potential space) in the abdominal cavity behind (retro) the peritoneum. There is one set of organs that is located behind or outside of the peritoneum but still within the abdominal cavity - these are the kidneys. They are said to be. Learn all about the anatomy, physiology and location of the kidneys in the Unlike the other abdominal organs, the kidneys lie behind the peritoneum that lines.

means behind. Abdomen means situated towards front or on the forward part of an organ. .. means located behind the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity. The term ______ means located behind the peritoneum. retroperitoneal. 7. The ______ region is located above the stomach. epigastric. 8. The term ______. it is highly important to understand the molecular mechanisms behind the regulation of apoptosis and AIF, located within the mitochondrial inner membrane, plays a key role in caspase- independent cell In addition, pancreatic islets and peritoneal J Cl!emtco-Biological lnreracnous 1 SI () (A)!!!. a; u.

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