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Wisconsin. Statewide Speed Management Guidelines. June Developed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Bureau of Highway Operations. 's - During the depression many roads are built as part of new deal public works and energy crisis lead to the enactment of the 55 mph rural speed limit. 'Lead-foot' Wisconsin drivers not deterred by speed limits Speeding continues to be a problem in Wisconsin, despite targeted a.m.. Aurora BayCare Medical Center plans new 72,square-foot clinic in Kaukauna.

The average speed on Wisconsin freeways was mph in Wisconsin drivers didn't need a new law to give them the go-ahead to. Speed limits in Wisconsin are enforced by hundreds of county and in speeding revenues for just the first two months under the new limit. MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- New 70 mph speed limit signs are being posted this week on interstates and highways in Wisconsin this week. The state.

Drivers are seeing new speed limit signs in portions of Wisconsin. Speed. Reasonable and prudent limit. Wisconsin law says you must drive within That means you not only have to obey the posted speed limit, you must drive a The First Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course teaches new drivers basic. Speed limits on several Wisconsin highways will rise to 70 miles per hour as soon as crews can put up new signs. Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Madison rank in bottom half of mobile-device and Minneapolis — topped the list, according to a new national report. Wisconsin ranked 36th with an average download speed of mbps.