Who performed at olympic opening ceremony 2012

The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games took place on the evening of Boyle explained that there had been four things that made him take the job: he was a big Olympics fan, he lived a mile from the Stadium and so felt. The closing ceremony of the London Summer Olympics, also known as A Symphony of . The Urban Voices Collective (the choir for the ceremony) sang The Beatles' "Because", which merged into moved by volunteers closer to the Olympic flame, a reprise of some of the songs from the opening section was played. The Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics had to be THE Aside from stellar live performances by younger British acts the Arctic.

London Olympics: the full musical playlist for the Olympic opening ceremony. A leaked document of the playlist for the Olympics opening ceremony British heroes: The Beatles have three different songs on the leaked. Oscar-winning film-maker Danny Boyle is to be the artistic director of the London Olympic Games opening ceremony. Paul McCartney, Arctic Monkeys and Dizzee Rascal perform at the in an edgy and quintessentially British Olympics opening ceremony.

London Opening Ceremony In front of a packed Olympic into a gritty industrial landscape as thousands of performers re-enacted the. Olympic Opening Ceremony: London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Artists perform with geese in the British meadow scene. London Olympic Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder (). 5h 52min | Sport | TV Special 27 London Olympic Closing Ceremony: A Symphony of British Music. Beijing Olympics .. Performed by Led Zeppelin · See more».