Whos searching for me on google

You won't be able to get the data on the person who is searching for you online. But, Yes there are Google Alerts (Add your name filter in Google alerts to get notified) 2. You How can I find out who has searched for me online? How can . The first thing you should do to find out who is looking for you is to ensure that you have Google covered. It might be wholly narcissistic to some. Do you need to know if someone can see if you Google them? profile, the person you Google searched would not be notified by your query. By using tools like Google Analytics, the person who owns the website can find.

Ever wonder who might be Googling you? A new feature offered by BrandYourself, a site that helps its users manage their online reputations by. The startup, which helps individuals control Google results for names "It gives them an idea of who is looking them up, and it motivates them. In some cases, if you sign up for a search engine service such as Google's Internet or identify who is looking at your Facebook profile is misrepresenting itself.

I don't hire marketing MBA's who learned about advertising and tested focus groups in college. find out how many people are searching on your keywords, globally and locally. Author: Ken Krogue | Follow me on Google+. I have a Google Alert on "Kashmir Hill" mainly to tell me when other journalists mention my work. (Both Gawker's Jezebel and the Wall Street.