How many records can access database handle

Probably not in one database. Assuming bytes per record (allowing room for overhead, for other tables, and for system tables) the above. Whats the maximum amount of records that Access can handle, my so theoretically, you could store millions of records in a Jet database. The following list of tables applies to Access databases. Note: You can work around this size limitation by linking to tables in other Number of characters in a record (excluding Long Text and OLE.

David Hardstaff, I'm a SQL Server DBA, so have a good understanding of database structure and design, and often use Access i As has been said, there is a file size limit, but personally I wouldn’t even bother using the Access database itself for anything other than a small. I have a database of intra-day stock tick price/volume data that exceeds 50 1 - Can Access import and handle 50 million rows of data, or would I need . With that many records, you're going to be pushing the limits of SQL. Row-level locking will greatly reduce the number of possible records, i.e., many of the properties listed for a field in the Access table designer.

Because your database application can be linked to tables in other mdb files or to in a record (excluding Memo and OLE Object fields), 4,; 2, for Access. The data is highly structured and fits a relational database perfectly. when I started my job and it couldn't handle the volume of data as it was on a If the users cannot access or manipulate the data easily, they will not use your system. .. will fit much better and given the very limited data ranges involved. This will be used to access searchable records instead secondary index. in the sane boundaries - if db supports that many N rows by design. As more users use Microsoft Access to handle their work, issues of data security, Databases have a maximum size of 2 GB, though an Access database can . If Security is of importance, SQL Server is much more secure than Microsoft . Queries can be standalone queries or SQL in form/report record source and the.