How to block sponsored posts on tumblr

Discover an easy way to block ads on Tumblr directly from AdLock we got sponsored posts and now we need an ad blocker for Tumblr to skip. We, and Oath (our parent company), work with online advertising companies to Unfortunately, until we live in a post-consumerist society built on an economy of marginal cost, there is no way to remove ads from your Tumblr experience. settings -> general settings -> dashboard preferences -> turn "stuff in your orbit" off. This won't remove ads (bc obv thats how they make money).

How to block Sponsored Posts on your Dashboard Update: This does not work any more. Click here for more information. Tumblr has recently introduced. Tumblr has recently introduced Sponsored Posts. These posts can come from anyone, regardless of whether or not you follow them, and are. Block those annoying sponsored posts on tumblr mobile desktop tumblr users have the benefit of tumblr savior or x-kit to enhance the website.

Unable to block tumblr sponsored ads. Post by eoforheard» Sat Mar 18, 7: 22 pm. I didn't have an issue with sponsored ads on tumblr until this morning. here's the adblock custom filters to make the stupid sponsored posts go away (try the last To remove the suggested posts that pop up when you like a post. How To Block The "SOME MORE BLOGS" Ads This will block all sponsored ads/posts, recommended apps/posts, “Ask ____ a question”, and anything else.