How to clean ho train engine wheels

Cleaning model trains is a task that shouldn't be taken lightly; one Left unchecked long enough, dirt build-up on wheels can even cause a derailment. For locomotives, clean one truck at a time, keeping the other truck off. I use a foam cradle that I made at home and put the loco in there up side down. To keep the wire touching the wheels I have two bits of fencing wire that I. Peahrens I was hand cleaning the wheels with alcohol and a q-tip. . After removing the locomotives wheels I place enough 91% alcohol in a.

I need to clean the wheels on some of my Athearn powered locomotives. What products have you used and had good results? ALSO, how. Track-powered locomotives (which include 99% of model trains sold) use metal wheels to get the electricity they need from the track. When oxidation and. Even more on loco and track cleaning – every layout will benefit from this have treated all my locomotives with the same process and I have not had to clean wheels or track I don't know how it will work on steam engine pick-up wheels.