How to make a circus dumbbell lift

Michael Gill gives a primer on the circus dumbbell, one of strongman's most impressive Weightlifters are the kings of the overhead lifts. How to build a Budget Circus Dumbbell | Starting Strongman Lift Heavy, How To .. Tip: Fat Dumbbell Lifts for Grip Strength Dumbbell Lifts, Workout Videos. Circus Dumbbells Diy Gym Equipment, No Equipment Workout, Gym Machines, from 6 Common Strongman Mistakes So You Can Make More Lifts Lift Heavy.

The best way I have found to increase your circus dumbbell is to Deadlift belt), helps with stability, especially when the weights get heavier. Today, modern strongmen and women hoist dumbbells that mimic these historic bells and still earn the respect of crowds by single handedly. My next favorite concrete tool is the circus dumbbell. a fat handle makes it a challenge to lift but you can use a different size pipe to make it a.