How to unlock olympus ds4000 recorder

The DS is an Olympus Professional Dictation Device, and as such to hold the DS for the entire recording, place the recorder on a padded surface, such as a book. To unlock a file so that it can be deleted, do the following. With the handheld off: 1 Power the unit on. It will greet the user. 2 Press the menu key. 3 Press rew to get to sub menu 4 Press rew to get to. Olympus DS - Digital Voice Recorder Manual Online: Locking Files (lock). The file Locked files are never erased except when the card is formatted (P) .

Olympus DS Digital Voice Recorder. Olympus DS Digital .. Locked files are reassigned file numbers in ascending order. Erased files cannot be. Thank you for purchasing an Olympus. Digital Voice .. voice recorder DS Do not use .. The card cover is unlocked and the message “CARD COVER. Formatting the Olympus DS's Memory Card Olympus DS data and recordings (including locked files) from the memory card. Press the [ MENU ] button on the DS to enter the recorder's MENU settings.

We have an Olympus DS The model is olympus DS We will then use a sound recorder on the PC to record what is playing on. I have an Olympus digital recorder, model DS All my folders are locked and when I follow the instructions in the manual, they still will not. Olympus Professional Dictation Support | [email protected] This guide will take you through how to reset your device settings on the recorder. The DS applies a number of functions found in Olympus Professional Locked files are reassigned file numbers in ascending order. The recorder and memory card should be formatted only by using the internal.