What is mosque in islam

A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. There are strict and detailed requirements in Sunni. For many Muslim people, a mosque is more than a place of worship. Muslims worship, study and discuss Islam, and do many other things in a mosque and its. The purpose of mosque in Islam. This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims. It contains a lot of brief.

Mosque, Arabic masjid or jāmiʿ, any house or open area of prayer in Islam. The Arabic word masjid means “a place of prostration” to God, and the same word is. The Islamic house of prayer is called as Mosque. There are many mosques in Turkey. "Mosque" is the English name for a place of Muslim worship, equivalent to a church, synagogue or temple in other faiths. The Arabic term for.

From Indonesia to the United Kingdom, the mosque in its many forms is the quintessential Islamic building. The mosque, masjid in Arabic, is the Muslim. The mosque is the traditional Muslim place of worship. Architecturally, it often features a minaret, or onion-shaped dome, on top. And in the great Muslim Mosque of Cordova, Scott maintains, both Jews and Christians attained to acknowledged distinction as professors. So high was the.