Who killed arnos father

Germain killed Élise using the Sword of Eden, and Arno killed him in return. In , Arno accompanied his father to the Palace of Versailles, where he was. Following Charles' murder, Arno was adopted by the Templar Grand Master François de la Serre. In order to cope with the loss of his father, Arno would write . Now here's the key thing charles surname? Dorian, Charles Dorian. Shay was the one who killed arno's biological father. But, Elise was Arno's.

It's unclear. The only thing we know from Rogue is that Haytham tasked Shay to find a certain precursor artifact, and Arno's father was the one. For all we know, Arno wasn't told who killed his father. Perhaps his mentors don't know either. I have a feeling Arno & Connor vs. Shay game. Do you get to kill shay in Unity? or at least is there a dlc or at least game planned when we get to gut this filthy templar traitor? A friend loan me.

In Assassin's creed Unity, the man who killed Arno's dad is Germain. Now, In assassin's creed Rouge, Adawale is Older, Following Black Flag. Arno doesn't know who murdered his father. He was raised by a Templar, and framed for the murder of that Templar by other Templars.