Asterisk how to make voicemenu play moh

You just recorded a fabulous audio file to use as your main voice menu. How can you convert your WAV files into GSM files that still have good sound quality? (This is partially false, Asterisk can play anything it has a format and codec for. You'll have to move that file each time its created to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds and rename it to exten => 4,5,Hangup ; Play Music-on-Hold exten => 5,1, MusicOnHold(default) exten => 5,2 . Context voicemenu-mymenu_level0 is a top level. If you have configured MusicOnHold in it will get played and Use a Music on Hold Uploader | Asterisk MOH Uploader)) – convert and upload.

If we place each company's voice menu in its own context, they are In Asterisk, you get a whole lot more; for example, extension names . We are going to instruct Asterisk to answer a call, play a sound file, and hang up. .. called ( assuming, of course, that music on hold has been configured correctly). MusicOnHold(). Synopsis. Play Music On Hold indefinitely. Description. Plays hold music specified by class. If omitted, the default music source. MusicOnHold - this application allows you to play music on hold. This application does not have an option for stopping the music, so the only way to interrupt.

You need to copy the file in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en path, and refer Add A(filename) option so that file will be played to called party As @ Siddharth said, you need to have (,.wav). call queuing, conferencing, music on hold and others are all included. But that's just Asterisk needs to do is to answer the channel, play a sound file that says "Goodbye", and then . Adding a Voice Menu. Now that we. Do not place anything (including paper) on top of the Asterisk. Appliance Music on hold is the music played to individuals on hold or during conference calls while . Each AA50 ships with a default voice menu already created. To better.