Fauxchet instructions on how to play

Although the instruction book does explain the stitches step-by-step, I did have a little play with the loop stitches, but I didn't quite get the. Fauxchet Easy loop Yarn Tool is perfect for knitters, crocheters and fiber artists. Learn faux, crochet, beading, seaming, edging, top- stitch, loop stitch, circles and . Learn a new way to crochet today with the Easyloop Fauxchet yarn tool! included with your tool is packed with photo tutorials for all of the stitching instructions.

Learning to use the EASY LOOP crochet/knit tool. Easyloop Fauxchet Yarn Tool - The EasyloopTM Fauxchet Yarn I'm Amy and I run Shy Red Fox, a small nalbinding supplies/hand-dyed yarn & fiber company based. Fauxchet Stitching Book 1 Beginner Basics is a kit to learn the basics of how to Fauxchet with the Easy Loop Yarn Tool. Create your own scarves, shawls and.