How air works against gravity

3: Work done against gravity - gravitational potential energy. So far we have only considered objects falling under gravity. Let's now consider the work done. All air particles in the atmosphere are drawn by the downward force of gravity. But the pressure in the air creates an upward force working opposite gravity's pull . Work, which is energy, is the distance that a body of mass is moved against a force. Although gravityy has been described as not a force, it requires energy to move a body against gravity and therefore work is done. What is the difference between work done against friction and work.

As the marshmellow was flying through the air, there were only two forces working on it: Gravity and air resistance. Gravity is a force that causes the attraction. ABOUT NASA, NEWS AND EVENTS, MULTIMEDIA, MISSIONS, MyNASA, WORK FOR NASA A plane flies through the air by continually pushing and pulling the which is friction caused by air rubbing against the plane) try to pull the plane A plane must be built so that lift and thrust are stronger than the pull of gravity. Wings keep an airplane up in the air, but the four forces are what make this happen. Each force has an opposite force that works against it. The plane goes up if the forces of lift and thrust are more than gravity and drag.

Explanation of the physics of Work Against Gravity to Lift an Object. If the object is projected upward at a high velocity, air resistance must be. OF FLIGHT–GRAVITY. Drag: The air resistance that tends How does lift work against gravity? When the gravity is stronger than the lift, the plane goes down. That pull is gravity at work. Every object in the The Moon's gravity pulls on the Earth and makes the tides rise and fall every day. As the Moon There is a lot of air resistance and that resistance makes the feather move slower. The forces at.