How to find septimus signus

New main objective: Find Septimus Signus. Open the world map to establish that Septimus can be found north of the College of. Open the world map to establish. Septimus Signus' Outpost is a cave located in Winterhold. The outpost lies far in the north where the Sea of Ghosts is located. It is north of the College of. Overview[edit]. Septimus Signus's Outpost is a cave located in North Eastern Skyrim. You can find it by traveling North of Winterhold.

When you locate Septimus Signus's Outpost, a small ice cavern on a remote island in the Sea of Ghosts, you will find the former College. Inside, a strange Dwemer cube is being studied by Septimus Signus. Go up the curving stairs along either wall to find a control panel with a. Got Oghma Infinium awhile back, so Septimus Signus is already dead. You can get the elder scroll long before elder knowledge, and you get to keep it when.

We saw the Oghma Infinium, but maybe Septimus saw something different, . Mora was using him to find out what Zero Sum looked like, and. In summary, the primary purpose of HM's interactions with Septimus Signus is to directly witness a zero sum and add that knowledge to his.