How to graph 1/3tanx

Since the graph of the function tantantan does not have a maximum or minimum value, there can be no value for the amplitude. Find the period using the formula π. The trig function can be graphed using the amplitude, period, phase shift, vertical shift, and the points. Answer: Graph y = (tan x)/3. Explanation: graph{(tan x)/3 [, 10, -5, 5]}. Related questions. How do you find the asymptotes for the cotangent. y is the standard graph of f(x)=tanx scaled by 3 units.

Answer to How to sketch a graph for the function: y= (1/3)tanx and y= tan3x The form for a tangent graph is f(θ) = Atan(ωθ) + B where A= Amplitude, vertical. This page is about tangent graph. This graph looks like discontinue curve because for certain values tangent is not defined. 1) Find the period of y = tan ( 3x). Tan graph. Create AccountorSign In. y = a · t a n b x − h + k. 1. a =1. «x». $$−5. $$5. 2. b =1. «x». $$−5. $$5. 3. x =π2 b ​+ h. $$ x. $$= $$