How to grow sacred rubber tree

IIRC bonemealing the sapling until it says sacred is a metadata issue and 10* And I have bonemealed my normal rubber tree till it said. In the latest Direwolf20 update, sacred rubber saplings were added as Growing this sapling has been known to cause issues even on. I wanna make a sacred rubber tree as my base (yes I know how big and I I'm not too sure if you can actually grow the huge version without.

I made an normal MFR rubber tree farm with normal saplings and it's The sacred rubber trees grows into this huge tree that will crash my. The Sacred Rubber Tree is similar to the regular Rubber Tree, except that it grows significantly larger, about eighteen chunks large and it has. I grew Sacred Trees and decided to take some pictures to share with you all! ;D -- (Rubber Sacred Tree) This one creates an.

Yes, one sapling does this seriously DO NOT PLANT! leaf rendering will melt your server/computer . @generikb Ah yes the sacred rubber tree. Config to.