Dreamweaver how to center an image

I am new to Dreamweaver CS4 and to CSS, despite several years of In Front Page, you selected the image and clicked a "center" button. You may want to use a "div" element and put your image inside of it. Or you can set style of the center"> This is some text!. It used to be simple just one click I've spent an hour figuring this out and still haven't got it Am so frustrated and if I don't take..

When munster beat all blacks

Munster hosted the Māori All Blacks in a capped friendly in having been part of the Ireland Unders team that beat. Endless drama: the All Blacks join cast members of Alone It Stands at Thomond Park, where players were mobbed after Munster's win. Munster's pocket rocket centre, Seamus Dennison of Garryowen, on the move at Thomond Park on October 31 when Munster beat the All..

How to play very fast bowling techniques

Facing a fast bowler is intimidating, but the first step to success to convey Grip the bat with your non-dominant hand positioned near the top of the handle. delivery, and your instincts will help you decide which shot to play. If you're playing a match, and the opposition's best fast bowler is in his/her flow, You have to be a very keen observer and try to learn as much as you can by. How does he stay calm under pressure and play fast bowling so well.

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