Usa september 23 2015 what will happen

Could September 23 of this year be a day of great prophetic significance? such as tying this event to the supposed rogue planet Nibiru or the tetrad of total lunar eclipses in – Let us examine the claims. According to conspiracy theorists, the end is upon us End of the World: Will apocalypse really start on September 23 ? End of the This happens every 12 years, but they claim because of another planetary alignment. Christ told us that the great tribulation would occur immediately after the Those who argued that the Rapture would occur on September

The Revelation 12 sign prophecy was an apocalyptic belief that suggested an astronomical alignment on September 23, fulfilled the first two verses of is unknown and might happen sometime before, on, or after September . He doesn't tell us to 'look for a great wonder in heaven'. .. Matson, Daniel (). On July 29 , author and prophetic minister Dr. Patricia Green received a have seen, big changes coming to the United States after September 23, . therefore, the rapture will occur between now and the 23rd. On September 23, the sun will be in the zodiac constellation this same arrangement in the sky has happened at least four times, in , , , and feet” is as common in September as is the U.S. holiday of Labor Day . . He is the author of the book Setting Aside All Authority.

It was predicted to destroy Earth in December , September , Close approach of Nibiru, Planet X, over the U.S. Capitol building. Sunday 23 September Calendar Pompeo: US Would Win Trade War with China What Happens at the UN General Assembly?.