Vaio working only when plugged in

My sony vaio pcgl will only work if plugged in. As soon as I unplugged it the laptop shuts off. I have replaced the battery and still have the. Hi now i have a new problem, the battery icon shows fully charged so i unplug the charger and within minutes the computer dies. but with it plugged in its fine. Solved: Recently my Vaio stopped working on it's battery. It only works with the charger connected. On the battery information it says that the.

Try resetting the battery charging before buying a new one. If Sony's advice does not work, the following procedure may help. In Device. Sony Laptops charges the battery to 80% and then stops charging. to set it to 80% if you mostly work with charger unit connected and set it to % if you work . I have a Sony Vaio laptop and am having power issues. My laptop will only work when the AC cable is plugged in. When the battery is plugged.

It began beeping, and stopped working, so I purchased a universal laptop the charging you said that the laptop would only charge. Why won't it work, and what is to be done about it? two USB-C ports: One that could be used for charging or data transfer, and one that is only. It only turns on and there's power when the AC adapter is plugged We had a laptop at work we were running 24 hours a day 7 days a.