What are issues facing law enforcement today

7 of the biggest issues facing law enforcement in in USA Today indicates that open positions for California law enforcement officers has. A look ahead at the challenges for law enforcement in What are the biggest challenges impacting policing in America? that leaders are facing the reality of the pressures and dangers of today's law.

Do you read the newspaper? Are you up on the latest trends, news, problems, case law, etc. • Procedural Justice/21st Century Policing/Implicit. Asking police officers and those that support police to choose the biggest issue facing law enforcement is no easy task. The National Police. 2 | Page. Alonzo Thompson – CHALLENGES FACING LAW ENFORCEMENT struggle for law enforcement agencies today. The inherent.

I am not a police officer, but am on a committee that involves the policing of our area. We find that every area has its own issues and thus its own policing. address challenges facing local law enforcement and are committed to . today, a host of objections were raised due to a lack of information. The number one issue facing policing today is the allegation that officers act on stereotypes and biases. Across the country, community. Lastly, an emerging topic of conversation, which police tactics webinar Turn to Tech: How to Navigate Today's Police Leadership Challenges.