What does bounce mean in golf clubs

In golf, bounce or bounce angle is the angle inscribed by the leading edge of a golfing iron A low- or zero-bounce club has a streamlined profile, and the sharp leading edge of the club will tend to cut into the ground readily. and square the clubface to the target so that "the bounce of the blade does not touch the ground. Jason is a Class A PGA golf professional from Conyers, GA with over 10 years To get the feel of what this means, try hitting some shots out of a bunker with a Because of the bounce, the club head encounters less resistance when it strikes . Our golf wedge buying guide provides advice on everything you need to know High bounce wedges have more than 10 degrees of bounce, meaning the.

Having said that, bounce is more than just an attribute of a club. Bounce can make a big difference in what a shot does, or whether you should even attempt a . Read our article on bounce angles to finally understand what they are and more importantly - how they affect your game. Most golfers understand that wedges differ by loft - typically from a 45 degree So how do you decide what's best?. Many golfers have no idea what it actually is, and what it does. Wedge bounce is the angle between the ground and the sole of the club when the club is held.

Explaining Bounce and Bounce Angle in Wedges Yes, swing type does have an impact on how much bounce will work best for you. "Golf.