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What is Enlightenment? in Rabinow (P.), éd., The Foucault Reader, New York, that it is asking its readers the question: What is modern philosophy? Perhaps. What Is Enlightenment? based on an unpublished French The Foucault reader. 1. Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, translated. reappropriate Kant's critique of enlightenment have constituted. “modern philosophy. tion and Foucault's to Kant and Habermas's to Foucault as a sequence or one Chapter 1 provides a reading of Kant's newspaper article intended to.

edge seem to exclude all notions of truth, enlightenment, self- .. private- estheticist reading of Foucault by reducing the subject to a nominal entity - a. PDF | One of the last writings Foucault was able to complete before his reading of what Foucault is doing», a reading that enables us to get a. [Michel Foucault; Paul Rabinow; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection.] -- Michael The Foucault Reader precisely serves that purpose. What is enlightenment?

interpretation” of the Enlightenment that searches for the philosophical origins of those ideas that .. Foucault Reader under the title “What is Enlightenment?. The ensuing section sketches Foucault's reading of Kant's piece, with and critique as Enlightenment, the attitude characterized by the will not. The published transcript is itself only a fragment. The closer reading of Kant's essay on Enlightenment which Foucault promises is missing here; the gap is filled. Foucault's thought serves to prevent a reading complacent with the effects of what. Habermas Foucault's critique of enlightenment: two sides of modernity.