What is the polarity of pcl3

PCl3PCl_3 or phosphorus trichloride is a molecule with a pyramidal trigonal shape. P has a lone pair of electrons, every Cl atom has three pairs of electrons. Is PH3 polar or non-polar, and why?. Hey guys, came across an exam question and it says that PCl3 is polar, however I thought it was non polar as it has a lone pair, a delta positive P and 3 delta. Question: Is PCl3 polar or nonpolar? VSEPR: VSEPR is the acronym representing ''valence shell electron pair repulsion.'' It's a theory that utilizes the electron.

Phosphorus trichloride | PCl3 or Cl3P | CID - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical Topological Polar Surface Area, 0 A^2. PCl3 is an alternation on tetrahedral molecules (you know the shape tetrahedral? AX4?) In this case, P has one lone pair of electrons. This pair. There is noting to be compared as only PCl3 is polar and CCl4 is non polar. The reason for the non polarity of CCl4 is it's tetrahedral shape and.

The molecular geometry and polarity of phosphorus trichloride, PCl3 using VSEPR rules.