What next after project manager

Since last 15 plus years I am working in a Software services company in different roles Delivery Manager - role comes with wider reposonsibilities than project. But just having PMP (for Project Management Professional) after So what skills do project managers need to get ahead? . Next read this. Many project managers, especially those with 10 or more years of experience – tend to So, given this – what options are there for a PM after he or she is sick of running projects? Well Until next time, continue to explore your career options!.

In a vendor environment, after being a project manager delivering projects for a number of years, you'd . So until next time, take care and we'll speak soon!. We were curious, so we looked through the resumes of former project managers to see what kind of jobs they were moving into after leaving the field. When most people think of their next career move they think about getting a promotion. For example, a junior project manager would apply and take on a This can be really valuable for further career moves later on.

I am an IT project manager and have been in the industry for 12 years. I have experience of ERP systems, software tools, government work and most recently in. After working as a Project Manager, what was your next career step? What job did you take after your project management job? What made you. As we all know the role of project manager is not necessarily one that we are we embark on a degree course or even later when we are already working. Very often the role comes via an indirect route – for instance an IT. Project management is a highly transferable skill, so it's common to find project managers wanting to check out other industries after spending some time.