Who makes mojotone speakers

I have known about aeg-dv.com for quite a while and have purchased stuff from them Years ago, Mojo speakers were made by Eminence. The result is an American-made speaker with a British sound that is unmistakable . Since Mojotone introduced the BV series, every other speaker manufacture. Mojotone BVM 25W 12" British Vintage Speaker 8 OHM - None -. Out of stock. Mojotone BVH 30W 12" British Vintage Speaker 16 OHM - None -.

I have known about aeg-dv.com for quite a while and have (need speakers btw! And if I'm not mistaken, they ARE NOT made by WGS. Mojo makes great speakers so I'd give it a shot! The sound quality of those 3 pretty much match Mojotone's description, so I have no doubt. Clip 1—Mojotone American Vintage AV8C Review Clip 2—Tele Bridge & Vibro Champ - Vol, Treble And Bass - 5. Clip 3—Tele Bridge & Vibro.

Andrew Simmons of Mojotone sent me a pair of their new Watchtower inch guitar speakers by Celestion to try out. [​IMG] These are made in. Has anybody tried the Mojotone Vintage British speakers? They have You can pick them up cheap on ebay and they are made by eminence. The Mojotone BVM speakers sound like early 70's greenback. How does the BVM pair up with other speakers? The other cabs are.